96 Greers

From horror franchises, to romcoms, to the Christmas movie where Michael Shannon pretend to be Bigfoot, America’s Best Friend Judy Greer’s prolific film career spans over 20 years. Join Reg Linn (they/them) and Patrick Ripoll (he/him) as they podcast through her filmography, one movie at a time. Theme song: ”96 Tears” written by Rudy Martinez, performed by Reg Linn and Patrick Ripoll

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Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

We did it again!  But... wait.  Did we?  What if we didn't?  What if we did something else?  What if we did something so long ago that, sitting here today, I can't even remember the names of one of the things, but we pretended like it was just done yesterday?  And what if Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was set in a dystopian future and the main character was a magic DJ in an underground rave culture/resistance movement?  because that's the strongest memory I have of the Entourage movie, and I fucking had to watch the fucking Entourage movie for this bonus episode.
But this cloud has several silver linings, however, in the form of guest appearances from friends of the podcast!  *airhorn*  Special thanks to Bill Ackerman, Jessica Conger-Henry, Louisa Herron, Gabe Powers, Klon Waldrip, and "Stone Cold" Jim Laczkowski!

26: Joyce (The 15:17 to Paris)

Wednesday May 15, 2024

Wednesday May 15, 2024

Choo-choo movie nerds, The 15:17 to Paris is leaving the station!  Legit question for listening Americans:  how do Reg and Patrick abide the 88-94 year old director who fills their TV with 94 minutes of military propaganda while their small audience awaits their opinions?  Can a mostly forgotten Trump-era Clint Eastwood movie share anything in common with Iranian New Wave cinema?  How does Judy Greer fare with Eastwood's reportedly breakneck production speed?  Does the kid who sat next to you in your sophomore year computer class make for a good action film protagonist?  We're doing our own research into mysterious screenwriters, MTV reality shows, and what really goes on when Americans go on vacation to Amsterdam, on the latest episode of 96 GREERS!

25: Ginger (Barry Munday)

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Our wife told us not to record this podcast.  But Reg and Patrick are back to offend everyone and ask the tough questions about BARRY MUNDAY, a typical Boy-Loses-Testicles-and-Forgets-He-Met-Girl comedy, such as:
Has there ever been an actually funny scene set at a support group?
Will 96 Greers become a Patrick Wilson fancast?
Can one third of the screenwriting team behind Rock of Ages successfully channel the universal unconscious and tap into the ur-myth of the hero's journey?
All of this, plus an unnecessarily long Other Segment, awaits your ears!

Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

In February, we asked a deeply inane question:  What Do Women Want?  In March, we asked an even more inane question:  What Do Children Want?  Two dozen episodes into Judy Greer's filmography, and we have yet to cover a work aimed specifically at children (unless you count Rusty's Learning to Listen: Part 8).  As a pair of childless film snobs who find themselves out to sea, we dip our toes into the family move genre with the latest film from singular Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon (The Secret of Kells, The Breadwinner), delve into diverting interpretations of the story, and go off the deep end with celebrity voice performances.  What you are about to listen to is not a news broadcast.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

STOP!  Are you aware that you are currently on the Internet?  When's the last time you even looked up from that screen?  Are you even aware what's happening to The Children?  Or maybe you yourself are so enthralled by this terrible technology that you are already lost in the dark labyrinth of mild BDSM fantasies, horny housewives in baggy sweaters, photos of skinny white girls, photos of skinny white girls in WIGS, and Carl Sagan.  Prepare yourself for 2014 metalinear moral panic drama Men, Women, and Children, which uncovers the horrible things that can happen when Jason Reitman gets behind a camera without Diablo Cody providing  appropriate supervision.
Content notes: suicide/depression, eating disorders, child abuse, addiction

22: Erin (What Women Want)

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Join Reg and Patrick as they live, laugh, and love through the Nancy Meyers written and directed rom-com What Women Want.  What do women want:  a living wage, professional relationships built on mutual respect, and bodily autonomy?  Maybe, but have you considered: Mel Gibson?  Reg and Patrick have, because he's the protagonist of this movie!  They didn't have a choice.
Content note: suicidal ideation

21: Ramona (Lemon)

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Prepare your earholes, because 96 Greers is coming in hot with a Lemon party.  Reg and Patrick bare it all:  their feelings on 2017 dark comedy Lemon, director Janicza Bravo's other work (including 2020 Twitter-plotted sensation Zola), and the use of unlikable characters and cringey situations to create comedy.  After exploring multiple positions, the Other Segment finds them spitting and swallowing with a lemon-flavored taste test.  Don't miss this episode-- after all, we're not getting any younger! 

20: Kitty (The Village)

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

Well met, gentle friends, and harken to another discourse with Reg and Patrick, spirited to you through your enchanted box of wonders!  On this fine day, we turn our thoughts to a fanciful tale spun by M. Night Shyamalan, entitled The Village.  If you know not wherefore this missive is written in such a manner, perchance you would benefit greatly from watching The Village first, as this discussion teems with bedeviling spoilers.  Let us sally forth, my fine companions! 

Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

Holy sibling rivalry Batman, it's another mumblecore episode!  Well, it's a Duplass Brothers episode.  Perhaps those two descriptors aren't quite as interchangeable as Patrick and Reg had assumed.  Jeff Who Lives at Home has us pondering the physics of sinking cars, business communication trends of 2010, and what Ed Helms is like when he goes full Hollywood.  Save your ear-fork for the Other Segment, we're serving up a best movies of 2023 recap (kind of)!
(Correction:  the talented and hilarious director of The People's Joker is Vera Drew.  The Mike Leigh historical drama about a kindly abortion provider portrayed by Immelda Staunton is Vera Drake.  Both are in the category of "net positive for cinema named Vera D" so that's not a total failure for Reg?  More like a C-.)

18: Esther (The Hebrew Hammer)

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

This episode is being published a little late, but don't worry, we weren't giving you the Shaft.  More recent roles have seen the ever-Super Fly Judy Greer playing a White Mama, but on this episode we go back to 2003's action comedy The Hebrew Hammer, a blaxploitation homage with a Jewish twist.  Pour yourself a cup of Coffy and listen to Patrick and Reg get a little Uptight as they navigate the punching-down tendencies of oughts comedy in a film regarding two communities that neither of them are part of.
Content warning:  detailed discussion of food and eating noises, heads up given in-episode
Music in this episode:  "D'Bronx Tanz" by Tres Tristes Tangos

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